top 5 items needed after purchasing your laser machine glowforge

Top 5 items you need after purchasing a laser

After having your Glowforge for a couple days, you'll quickly start to realize you may need to purchase a couple items to make your life a bit easier.  Here's a list that I have compiled of my top 5 items that I still love and would recommend to a new laser artist. 

Things you will need:

  • Masking Tape - this allows for clean engraving and reduction of flashback while making cuts on your material. Allows you to save time on sanding down your wood products.
  • Gorilla black tape - helps remove masking tape from your material. This comes in handy when you've engraved an intricate design that you'd otherwise need to manually peel.
    • Honey comb pins - a free template for these pins can be found on the glowforge community page. I personally would recommend cutting them on acrylic as they last a bit longer than they would on wood.
    • Digital caliper - knowing the thickness of your material is crucial. Did you know when purchasing 1/8" or 1/4" wood, they are never truly that? They'll change slightly and can even change from one piece to another.
    • Bladeless scraper - I love using this tool to assist with peeling off the masking tape of my wood items.  It also works nicely when you're putting masking tape on your sheets of wood.  Avoid using on acrylic as you can easily scrape it (especially on clear acrylic).


    There will definitely be more items you'll purchase for your laser needs, but this list will guide you in the right direction. 

    Are there any items I'm missing on this list?  Let me know below!

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