Portrait Ornament and Chicago Screws

Portrait Ornament and Chicago Screws

Using chicago screws on your acrylic pieces creates a little bling!

We're learning how to create an ornament piece and creating perfect circles to fit your chicago screws. Using the digital caliper will allow you to determine the exact size of your screws - the screws we're using measured out to 0.15" - so you can create a circle cutout to fit exactly that. I actually like to go slightly bigger (0.16") to have a tiny big of wiggle room but not enough for the 2 acrylic pieces to slide.

The chicago screws comes in many different sizes, lengths, and thicknesses. When you're looking to buy yours, you'll want to measure the 2 acrylic sheets together to ensure your screw isn't longer than that. 

Follow along in the video to create your own! This is a super easy and quick project. Great for beginners and advanced artists alike.


Clear acrylic sheet 
Chicago screws - 
Ribbon for a festive touch
Fujifilm Instax Mini camera and film for capturing cherished moments - 
Photo frame svg template - 
Digital Caliper - 

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